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the Lord Jesus, the same night in which He was betrayed, took bread, and giving thanks, broke, and said: Take ye and eat, this is My Body which shall be delivered for you; this do for the commemoration of Me. In like manner also the chalice...

1 Cointhians 11:23-25

Sunday, June 01, 2014

the Spirit of adoption

Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keep the city, he watcheth in vain that keepeth it. It is vain for you to rise before light; rise ye after you have sitten, you that eat the bread of sorrow, when he has given sleep to his beloved. Behold the inheritance of the Lord are children: the reward, the fruit of the womb. As arrows in the hand of the mighty, so the children of them that have been shaken. Blessed is the man that hath filled the desire with them; he shall not be confounded when he shall speak to his enemies in the gate.
Psalm 126
(Commentaries: 1, 2, 3)


Rest in peace, beloved, for as long as God gives you darkness for rest, and rise with the dawn that will follow to a better day.

A blessed Sunday to you, dearest friend. Today is the 30th day after your death. You are not buried, yet. It is a long wait, but I am glad to have this time to think of you and pray for you. I love you. I look forward to the time when, Deo volente, we may meet again and resume our friendship. God speed the day! [That is an intentional pun, my language-loving friend].


Act of Consecration

Our Father who art in heaven...

Hail, Mary, Full of Grace, ...

Glory be to the Father... (7 Times)

Abide in Rebecca's soul, O Good and Holy Spirit.
In Thy care may she find healing.
May she whom the doctors could not cure
find comfort and peace in Thee
from now until the day of judgment,
and in the age to come.

Teach her all things
so that she may endure all things
without bitterness,
and learn compassion and grow in wisdom.
Move her soul to cry out “Abba! Father!”,
and may she live forever as Thy true daughter,
happily fulfilling her duties as a child in Thy house,
receiving from Thee goodness and mercy and glory,
and, with all the saints, blessing Thy Name,
Holy God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost


Saint Angela Merici, pray for her.

O God, Who through blessed Angela didst cause a new society of holy virgins to flourish in Thy Church: grant through her intercession that we may lead lives of angels, so that shedding all earthly interests, we may be found worthy to enjoy everlasting happiness. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, through all the ages of ages.

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