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But Christ having come a high priest of the good things to come, through the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this creation, nor yet through the blood of goats and calves, but through his own blood, entered in once for all into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption.

Hebrews 9:11-12

Saturday, January 06, 2007


O God
Who on this day
through the guidance of a star
didst manifest
Thine Only-Begotten Son to the Gentiles;
mercifully grant
that we who know Thee now by faith,
may one day be brought
to the contemplation of
the beauty of Thy majesty.
Through the same Christ our Lord.


Our Lord's Divine mission was made manifest in three events remembered on this day. For Latin rite Catholics, the emphasis is on the visit of the wise men, a sign that the Messiah was bringing salvation to the whole world, and not just the house of Israel. (Epiphany is also known as Three Kings Day).

Eastern Catholics commemorate the baptism of our Lord on this day. When Jesus came out of the water after His baptism, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove, and God the Father spoke, saying "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased". (Matthew 3:13-17). The Most Holy Trinity was manifest on that day, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and so this Holy Day is called "Theophany", "the revelation of God". Western Catholics also recall this event today, but remember it more fully on (or within) the octave of Epiphany.

Finally, our Lord's first public miracle, performed at the prayer of His blessed mother, is remembered today: the miraculous transformation of water into wine. (John 2:1-11). The six large vessels filled to the brim with wine prefigure the consecrated wine, the Blood of the New Covenant, the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. St. John's account of this miracle will be the Gospel reading a week from tomorrow, in both the old and new cycle of readings in the Latin Church.

(cf Catechism of the Catholic Church #528)


Rise up in splendor, Jerusalem!
Your light has come,
the glory of the Lord shines upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth,
and thick clouds cover the peoples;
but upon you the LORD shines,
and over you appears his glory.
Nations shall walk by your light,
and kings by your shining radiance.
Raise your eyes and look about;
they all gather and come to you:
your sons come from afar,
and your daughters in the arms of their nurses.

Then you shall be radiant at what you see,
your heart shall throb and overflow,
for the riches of the sea shall be emptied out before you,
the wealth of nations shall be brought to you.
Caravans of camels shall fill you,
dromedaries from Midian and Ephah;
all from Sheba shall come
bearing gold and frankincense,
and proclaiming the praises of the LORD.

Isaiah 60:1-6

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