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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Anglican Use [Catholic Answers]


The Anglican Use is beautiful. I wonder though, why someone thought it necessary to change the words of the consecration to match the New Mass, when both the Sarum Missal and the Book of Common Prayer, like the traditional Missal, already had words that better match what Jesus is recorded as having actually said.

Originally Posted by Brendan
There is an approved "Use' of the pre-Tridentine Sarum Rite in English.

It's called the "Anglican Use" and it's primarily designed for "High Church" Anglican\Episopalians who convert, as a congregation, to the Catholic Church

Our Lady of Atonement is one such parish

I would recommmend that you pick up a copy of their Mass on DVD.

It sounds similar to a Tridentine Mass said in formal English

Here is the Order of Mass

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