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2 Corinthians 6:5-6

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Prayer for Healing

O Sovereign Lord of every creature, look upon my friend R- with eyes of mercy. In Thy loving-kindness, rest Thy healing hand upon her and strengthen her. Blesséd Lord, please send Thy life-giving virtue into every cell of R's body and into the depths of her soul, cleansing, purifying and restoring her to wholeness and strength for service in Thy Kingdom. We ask this with faith and hope in Thy holy Name, O Lord, Who reign with the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God in every age. Amen.

Holy angels, pray for her!

Today's Communion verse:

I was sick and you visited Me: Amen, amen I say to you as long as you did it to one of these My least brethren you did it to Me.

Matthew 25:36,40

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Anonymous Bob said...

This is a beautiful prayer. Thanks for sharing it.

7/23/2011 02:57:00 PM  

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