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1 Cointhians 11:23-25

Friday, January 22, 2010

Indifference to Life

I turned the tv on for a few minutes earlier this hour. EWTN was covering the annual March for Life. I wondered how other networks were covering the event: Headline News, Fox News, and a couple other channels showed great interest in the unusual amount of rain two states out west are getting, but not so much in the hundreds of thousands of innocents slaughtered every year in the United States.

I ended up watching CNN. Nothing about the march, but they did have a report from Haiti. One of their camera crews heard gun shots and rushed over to find that police had shot two suspected looters. Suspected, apparently, because each was carrying a pail of rice. Locals in the area denied there was any looting. The policemen's supervisor arrived and sorrowfully said the two should not have been shot in any country, even if they had stolen rice. He said he had called an ambulance for the more seriously injured of the two. They waited; after two hours, no ambulance had arrived and the man had bled to death. In the meantime, the camera crew shot more pictures, none of which showed the police, or the reporters, or the bystanders showing any interest in attempting to tend the man's wounds themselves, or comfort him in any way. Detestable indifference! Clumsy and inexperienced help would have been better than no help at all! A man died right in front of them and they did nothing!

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