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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Morning in Rome?

Here in the United States, it is now the darkest part of the night. But in Rome, it is morning, and Fr. Tim Finigan is there, with words of hope. "Rome is awash with rumours" that at the Holy Father's insistence, our Lord's words in the consecration will be translated correctly in the vernacular novus ordo Masses around the world.

Lord, please grant that these rumors are true!


Fr. Zuhlsdorf reports the same good news:

Three different well-placed sources I trust in Congregations here in Rome confirmed for me that the Holy Father made the determination that the words pro multis in the consecration of the Precious Blood will be properly translated, "for many", in the upcoming English text now in preparation. I had reason to be optimistic about this quite some time ago, but these confirmations go far beyond previous news.

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