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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Translation Evolution

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According to this web page, the original 1965 ICEL translation of the Roman Canon translated "pro multis" as "for all men". Combining that with the Order of the Mass in the webpage Jon mentioned (copyright 1966) and comments found here, the translation of "pro multis" appears to have evolved as follows:
1965 - ICEL translates pro multis as "for all men" for the vernacular Mass
1966 - the translation is corrected by someone to "for many" for the official English version of the 1965 missal.
1967 - Late in the year, ICEL again renders "pro multis" as "for all men", for the new Eucharistic prayers. This time, the translation sticks, until around
1980 - "pro multis" is now translated as "for all"

Is this correct? I welcome corrections, large or small.

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The 1966 version of the 1965 missal is also available here.



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