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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Statue for Judas

“The monument to Judas appeared there [Sviyazhsk, Russia, the headquarters of Leon Trotsky] approximately at the same time, in 1918. The Military mobile Fighting Literary train named after Lenin with Leo Trotsky, Vsevolod Vishnevsky, well-known Russian Revolutionary poet Demyan Bedny and little-known Danish writer and journalist Galling Keller on board delivered a sculpture to Sviyazhsk.

“It was a sculpture with a fist up. There were other ideas towards the character, but Lucifer did not share the ideals of communism and the second pretender, Cain, was recognized as a too legendary person. So it was decided in favour of Judas, who was a historical character and was supposed to share ideas requested. Unfortunately, the monument was destroyed already in 1920-s.”


(Apparently falsely reported at the time as having been erected in Moscow. A second Judas monument may have been erected the following year in Tambov.)



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