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Joel 2:12-13

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Over at Catholic Answers, I have had another thread locked while I was in the middle of composing a reply. In this case, the discussion was whether is a trustworthy site, and in particular whether they had put up some faked screenshots here, in order to discredit EWTN. I have linked to the Fisheaters website several times in this blog.

Here is what I wanted to post:

Originally Posted by LilyM
Originally Posted by MikeDunphy
Do you think that Fisheaters may have faked the screenshots?
It's not impossible - certainly anti-Catholics have faked all sorts of things over the centuries!
I don't know whether it helps any, but three people (VoxClamantis, AdoramusTeChriste, Mark) in a Fisheater's discussion forum here say they saw the original answer with their own eyes. Also, Hillary from the Devout Life blog commented on the answer here, when it first came out. I think Ian's comment on a follow-up post on the same blog here sounds authentic, although of course that is a judgment call.

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