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Psalm 32:5,6

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two more from Catholic Answers

One post here:

Originally Posted by Petergee
Ah, I still get a laugh out of
P: Go, the Mass is ended.
R: Thanks be to God.
But relief from this apparent ordeal does not come yet, because it's not ended at all, there's a lot more still to come!
I say the response with tremendous sincerity, particularly on Sundays when we have been singing that we ourselves are the bread of life.

[Oops. Petergee was complaining about the old Mass; I thought we were talking about the new.]

and the other post here:

Originally Posted by ThomasMore1535
Then you are saying that the gates of hell have prevailed. You cannot maintain that "for all" is inaccurate and still remain in good standing with the Church. Rome has spoken, the matter is closed.

You are confusing abuses with actual doctrine. You are falsely hoping for some kind of a "golden age" in the Church. You know perfectly well that that will never happen.
You are being overdramatic. A bad translation does not mean Hell has won a final victory over the Church, which will never happen. Rome has indeed spoken clearly on this matter, in the Catechism of the Council of Trent, edited under Saint Charles Borromeo, and published by decree of Pope Saint Pius V.

I am not expecting a "golden age" of perfection in the Church before our Lord's second coming at the end of time, but I do believe things can be better than they are now.

May the Holy Spirit give you a blessed and spiritually fruitful Sunday.

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